Departed police chief’s teaching career to focus on skewing stats, hurting morale, leaving

By Rudy Matthew Vorkapic
The Levee surpass writer 

Freshly retired New Orleans police chief Ronal Serpas’ new career as a tenured faculty member with the Loyola University Department of Criminal Justice will see him instructing classes only someone with his unique law enforcement background can teach.

Among the classes Serpas will lead are: “Fudg… Read the rest


Robin Williams is right above us, all around us, all the time – Nanu nanu!

By Rudy Matthew Vorkapic
The Levee in the clouds writer 

Had the idea of taking a picture with my hand to the sky in an Orkan salute to Mork when Robin Williams showed up.

There were hardly any clouds in the sky Tuesday morning, just a few wisps against the brightest blue heaven on the sunniest of days in New Orleans. Numbing news of the performer’s passing … Read the rest


Louisiana’s very own Weiner – Sen. David Vitter – running for governor

By Rudy Matthew Vorkapic
The Levee political slut writer

In what can only be described as a perfect fit for Louisiana, David Vitter, who yesterday was  ranked as the least effective member of the U.S. Senate, has announced he is running for governor of the state.

If elected next year, Louisiana’s junior senator would follow in the least effective foo… Read the rest


BREAKING LEVEE NEWS: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un kills Rodman’s uncle

By Rudy Matthew Vorkapic
The Levee Un-cle writer

REPORTING FROM THE LEVEE’S ALGIERS-ZEERA BUREAU – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un killed Dennis Rodman’s uncle Wednesday as the two celebrated Kim’s 31st birthday together.

Kim had Rodman’s uncle, Pennis Rodman, 51, thrown into a cage full of starving North Koreans just minutes after Rodma… Read the rest


Cruz proposes changing “We the People” to “I the People,” threatens filibuster, shutdown; Vitter concurs

By Rudy Matthew Vorkapic
The Levee Cruzade writer

On the heels of losing his government shutdown crusade over defunding Obamacare, Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is proposing a Constitutional amendment allowing him to rewrite the U.S. Constitution.

With most fellow Republicans dubbing this fight his “Cruzade,” Cruz publicly offered his rewritin… Read the rest


Pope John Paul II cleared to become a Saint; Sean Payton to use him in the kicking game

By Rudy Matthew Vorkapic
The Levee Saints writer

Pope John Paul II was cleared Friday to become a Saint, and coach Sean Payton says he expects great things from the pontiff when he joins the team Dec. 8.

“Pope John Paul II instantly gives me great faith in our kicking game,” Payton told reporters gathered from around the world at the team’s Metairie pract… Read the rest

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Despite robes, pointy hats, Scalise says he didn’t know he was courting racists


By Rudy Matthew Vorkapic
The Levee write supremacist writer

Despite all the white robes and pointy hats and burning crosses, new House Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana insists there was no way for him to know that a white supremacist group he addressed in 2002 in Metairie stood for racism, neo-Nazi-ism, anti-Semitism and every other horrific-ism.… Read the rest

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Katrina and the Clowns FEATURE



“Least Bound and Down”

The sad, true story of New Orleans and Ray Nagin

(Lyrics by Rudy Matthew Vorkapic and Jerry Reed. Music by Jerry Reed)
(Vocals by the deaf mute Katrina and the Clowns)


CLICK HERE TO HEAR: Least Bound and Down
(By Katrina and the Clowns)

Least bound and down, 10 years no more duckin’
HeRead the rest

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TBT: Greg Meffert’s eyes hypnotized Ray Nagin – The root of the scandal!


By Rudy Matthew Vorkapic
The Levee throwback writer

Former New Orleans tech czar Greg Meffert through himself upon the mercy of a federal court Thursday and a judge threw him in prison for two and a half years.

In 2009, The Levee (see below) reported Meffert was the source of the city government scandal that brought down numerous egomaniacally greedy bastard… Read the rest

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Saints cut Drew Brees in finalizing 53-man roster for upcoming season


By Rudy Matthew Vorkapic
The Levee oblique sports writer

Hall of Fame-bound quarterback Drew Brees has been cut by the New Orleans Saints as the team finalizes its 53-man roster for the upcoming season in an internal team squabble over the birth of his newborn daughter.

“We really needed to keep an extra fullback,” Saints general manager Mickey Loomis i… Read the rest

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It’s The Levee’s anniversary, and something else, too … what was it … oh yeah, Hell

The First Levee

By Rudy Matthew Vorkapic
The Levee levity writer

Your New Orleans Levee Newspaper launched on this day in 2006, one year to the day of the deadly federal levee failures during Hurricane Katrina that flooded 80 percent of the most interesting city in America, making it that much more interesting to say the least.

Here we offer you the first edition of The Levee (… Read the rest

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Take the Ronal Serpas/Clancy Wiggum quotation challenge!


By Rudy Matthew Vorkapic
The Levee animated reality writer

Below are quotes from newly retired New Orleans police Superintendent Ronal Serpas and Springfield Police Chief Clancy Wiggum of “The Simpsons.”

Can you tell whose is whose? Answers below.

1. ”9-1-1. This better be good.”

2. “You want community policing to be … Read the rest

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Ray Nagin will, in fact, blame Lee Zurik for “everything” at trial


By Rudy Matthew Vorkapic
The Levee damned media writer

New Orleans Levee sources confirm former Mayor Ray Nagin’s defense to 21 federal corruption charges while in office will focus on blaming “everything” on local bulldog reporter Lee Zurik,  as reported by The Levee five years ago.

Nagin will argue he was “an unwilling pawn cRead the rest

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New Orleans residents most hopeful snofall today is cherry flavor


By Rudy Matthew Vorkapic
The Levee sneaux ball writer

Twenty-three percent of New Orleans residents unfamiliar with snow falling from the sky are hoping it comes down cherry flavor, followed closely by grape, then lemon, according to a New Orleans Levee Newspaper poll.

In a separate Levee poll, the vast majority of residents believe “snow,” … Read the rest

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The Creation … by Michelangelo di ‘Who Dat’ Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni


By Jon Bogran
and Al Wrinkle
and Rudy Matthew Vorkapic
The Levee we believe writers

The New Orleans Saints’ journey to a second Super Bowl could not have gotten off to a better start as He today announced His pick to win the 2012-13 Super Bowl.

Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees, just hours before the first NFL preseason game of the 2012-13 season betw… Read the rest

Google Earth destroyed by Google Asteroid


By Jon Bogran
The Levee digital doomsday writer

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Google scientists grimly reported yesterday that the doomsday scenario they have secretly dreaded for years has finally come to pass – Google Earth, the beloved virtual planet allowing users to indulge random, voyeuristic whims, has been obliterated by a massive, 47 megabyte-wide a… Read the rest

State pulls out of funding for local porn industry


By Mike Smith
The Levee former porn star writer

In another step toward a more visibly conservative Louisiana, the state senate recently moved to deny tax credits to producers of pornographic films.

Senate Bill 513 by Sen. A. G. Crowe, R-Slidell, prohibits tax breaks to filmmakers if the film is pornographic.

“I don’t have a definition of pornography,… Read the rest

Tim Tebow pregnant
with The Antichrist



By Jon Bogran
The Levee dental writer

New York Jets quarterback and Christian football hero, Tim Tebow, famous for his seemingly miraculous ability to defy critics and lead his team to clumsy victories at crucial moments, received the earth-shattering news late last month that, despite all scientif… Read the rest

Protesters act to save Katrina wreckage



By Alexa Surinck
The Levee next to Godliness writer

An extremely loose coalition of preservationists, concerned citizens from other states, and incredibly stubborn locals has succeeded in disrupting trash collection in parts of Orleans Parish in an attempt to prevent the removal of dw… Read the rest

Brees contract talks stalled over Benson Tower offices


By Rudy Matthew Vorkapic
The Levee yes sir Mr. Benson writer

NFL sources have told The Levee that negotiations between Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints have been stuck at an impasse over team owner Tom Benson’s insistence that the QB rent Benson Tower offices for his charitable foundation.

The state pays Benson high rents for state office space as … Read the rest